01 August 2010


It was nice to remove ourselves from the city for a day and enjoy the quiet. We rented a car and headed northwest towards Normandy with a quick stop in Poissy to visit Villa Savoye. Having studied Le Corbusier's work throughout college, it was a bit surreal to be standing in something so monumental to the architects of the 20th century.

Two hours later we pulled into Omaha Beach, the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial where over 9,000 soldiers were laid to rest. And then onto the battlefield of Pointe du Huc. There was an underlying sense of quiet and appreciation to these places...I'll leave it at that.

The Visitor Center

Omaha Beach & the English Channel

The Graves

Pointe du Hoc - Paulie P standing inside an impact crater.

The cliffs the army rangers climbed.

The remanence of an exploded bunker.

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