01 January 2011

To blog or not to blog

We're moving (for now anyway). 2011 will be viewed day to day behind the lens. If anything earth shattering occurs I'll be sure to blog through. Lets go...

04 November 2010


Third annual Halloween party and the costumes keep getting better and better. The dogs are even dressin up these days! The speak easy was back in session, along with pong, dance parties and even some tree humping, i mean hugging. Even if they have to see patients in the morning, there's always those few who are in it for the long run and make for the best morning after reminiscing. Thanks for another fun and memorable night!

I was nervous about capturing the night like our fellow professional did last year. I think I did pretty good as an amateur. Props to my teacher in Seattle.

13 October 2010

Calgary kiddos

I spent the weekend visiting these 5 little people. They're awesome!

Anna used to be 'baby Anna' to us Philadelphians. Now she's gone and grown up, celebrating her eighth birthday next week with a party AT NIGHT! She's the oldest, little miss boss, and crafty gone wild...she's my kind a girl.

Nora's the newest addition. She's the smiliest baby I ever met. I want to keep her!

Kenna is a miniature squirt with the most contagious giggle. I can spin this chica around with one arm!

Although this guy Thomas is one tough dude, he's got the warmest heart.

Poor TT, always trying to catch up with the big guys. You'll be bigger than them all soon!

Until we meet again, I heart you kiddos.

01 August 2010

I think I heart this city

Our last day in the city of lights. What better way to spend it than enjoying bread and cheese in the park followed by some local shopping with intermittent cafe stops for a cold beer and some people watching. I'll miss this place.

Park De La Villette

Cite Des Sciences Et De L'Industrie

We closed out the vacation with a fabulous French dinner at L'Absinthe and then strolled through the Jardin Du Carrousel to check out the Louvre all lit up. This was definitely a trip of a lifetime and one we'll never forget!

Avoir Paris

Tour Eiffel

We decided on a low key day by the Eiffel Tower, followed by some wandering of the Champs-Elysees.

At 11:30pm we caught the infamous Moulin Rouge which lived up to all its hype.

Retail therapy

We needed a break after 10 continuous days of site seeing...to the Galleries Lafayette we went. Nothing like an American department store; 3 buildings with a total of 18 floors. Al parked it with a jug of wine in the food hall at the top of the steel and glass dome where we'd occasional pop in to drop bags and grab a brew. 6 hours later we called it a day.


It was nice to remove ourselves from the city for a day and enjoy the quiet. We rented a car and headed northwest towards Normandy with a quick stop in Poissy to visit Villa Savoye. Having studied Le Corbusier's work throughout college, it was a bit surreal to be standing in something so monumental to the architects of the 20th century.

Two hours later we pulled into Omaha Beach, the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial where over 9,000 soldiers were laid to rest. And then onto the battlefield of Pointe du Huc. There was an underlying sense of quiet and appreciation to these places...I'll leave it at that.

The Visitor Center

Omaha Beach & the English Channel

The Graves

Pointe du Hoc - Paulie P standing inside an impact crater.

The cliffs the army rangers climbed.

The remanence of an exploded bunker.