13 October 2010

Calgary kiddos

I spent the weekend visiting these 5 little people. They're awesome!

Anna used to be 'baby Anna' to us Philadelphians. Now she's gone and grown up, celebrating her eighth birthday next week with a party AT NIGHT! She's the oldest, little miss boss, and crafty gone wild...she's my kind a girl.

Nora's the newest addition. She's the smiliest baby I ever met. I want to keep her!

Kenna is a miniature squirt with the most contagious giggle. I can spin this chica around with one arm!

Although this guy Thomas is one tough dude, he's got the warmest heart.

Poor TT, always trying to catch up with the big guys. You'll be bigger than them all soon!

Until we meet again, I heart you kiddos.


  1. And we ALL heart you too Kim. What a great surpise and visit we had with you...missing you already...:)

  2. Pat said ...It really was a wonderful surprise picking up the attractive chic your Dad was hugging at the airport. Love your pictures. Miss you.