01 August 2010


If you ever get to Paris you have to check out the Catacombes. After snaking through 500m of underground labyrinth, you're surrounded by the skulls and femurs of some 6 million Parisians, artistically stacked in the 19th century. This place was incredible.

Paulie P and I spent the early afternoon perusing the bird market and enjoying Sunday brunch surrounded by the locals. Chris would never have survived.

The 6 of us spent the evening in Montmarte climbing our way to Sacre-Coeur, the highest point in Paris. The contrast between the white stone and the blue sky was beautiful. The place was jam packed with people and we even got to catch part of mass. We wandered our way back down the hill through the crowded streets stopping here and there for some beverages before taking the metro back to Oberkampf for a delicious dinner at the local L'Estaminet.

Have I mentioned that the sun doesn't begin to set until 10:30pm?!

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