30 January 2010

Ode to Dennis

Dennis is heading west in a few short weeks...we took him out for a night of bowling!

Fun as always, although we got a little bit competitive...

(this chica was my competition...she bowled a 7...no lie)

This is Dennis

Dennis went to Philly U. Dennis made awesome models. Dennis fell in love with a hippy once and disappeared for a bit. Dennis used to have spiky hair and resembled Sonic (the hedgehog). Dennis has a journal. Dennis sometimes likes Bloody Face. Dennis makes love to his camera. Dennis likes to dress up as a cowboy. Dennis stays up until 3am on school nights. Dennis likes to compartmentalize his belongings. Dennis is always trading in his cars. Dennis has a best friend named Steve. Dennis has a brother named Germain. Dennis ques the deer. Dennis let me sleep on his sofa for months. Dennis always brings a good time. Dennis is a loyal friend. Dennis is moving to Washington, the state. Dennis will be missed.

(all photos courtesy of Dennis himself)

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