17 January 2010

Christmas in January

As always, Christmas at the shore was scheduled for the weekend before the big day...this year 2 feet of snow got in the way. We were in charge of dessert for the small fries. I decided on cupcakes, with a little bit of help from Cal...

They seemed to be a hit!

As for the pollyanna this year, I decided to get a little creative. Although one of my favorite things is buying gifts, I find it pretty hard to find something that's a) worth 50 bucks, b) for a couple, and c) for a couple that ranges in age from 20 to 60. So I created a money tree...what's better than 50 bucks to spend as you please, and even better, it serves as a decoration for the holiday season...although i guess decorations are done with. Boo.

Anyway...it was a great holiday spent by all 28 of us!

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