12 July 2010

Until next time

The National Portrait Gallery just so happens to be at the end of our street here and is one of my favorite museums. They're currently hosting the BP Portrait Award which claims to be the most prestigious portrait competition in the world. 58 artists are presented and one winner takes home 25,000 pounds. The exhibit was amazing...so many different artistic styles with interesting stories behind each subject. Some portraits looked so realistic it was hard to believe someone actually painted them. The winner was Last Portrait of Mother by Daphne Todd, a portrait of her 100 year old mother who gave her permission to paint her after her death, taking 3 days to finish.
After wandering the gallery, we did the touristy thing and shopped Regents and Oxford streets, followed by some potatoes and beers on Carnaby Street. A quick walk to Buckingham Palace and the Queen Victoria Memorial brought our quick trip to London to an end. Paris bound in the morning.

ps. Have I mentioned how much I love this place

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